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About us

     Clark Boat and Motor is a family owned and operated boat and marine store located in East Alton IL. The store has been here for more than sixty years and has built a legacy of excellent engine service and of having the largest motor parts inventory in the area. At Clark Boat and Motor we are a proud Mercury Marine dealer and in addition to the leading outboard in the industry we also stock and sell Lowe Fishing and Pontoon boats as well as hand laid Bryant Fiberglass Runabouts.


     Clark Boat and Motor has been in East Alton IL for more than sixty years and has been a major part of boating in the area since it was founded in 1953. Clark Boat and Motor actually played a pivotal role in establishing the St.Louis Boat Show. Clark Boat and Motor allied with Del Chery Boat and Motor, Ed Harold and Sears and Roebuck of St.Louis (back then Sears sold outboard motors) and formed what would become the St.Louis Boat Show.


     Boating isn’t something we do to make money, it’s in our blood. Chester Clark owned and operated boats before he founded the store and many of his sons raced boats. Les Clark, his youngest son, raced boats, skied in ski shows and later moved on to run the Centurion Ski Boat factory (first in North Carolina, then in California). The current owners, Todd and Vernon Clark have decades of experience in the industry, having grown up and spent their whole lives working on boats.